36,233 words written so far…

Yet another one of my very well thought out completely irrational and insane plans is hanging like an albatross around my neck.

The book.

One month.  50,000 words.  A five day weekend around the corner with the kids and husband home and, like 0 time to work on writing a book.

I’ve written 36,233 words so far.  That leaves 13,767 to go.  That means I need to write 984 words per day to finish by my ridiculously tight self-inflicted deadline.

Of course, the stated goal here is to finish the manuscript.  The goal is not to have it wrapped up in a pretty word package ready for the printing presses.  I just need to finish it.

So if you have ever set yourself a completely unrealistic goal, how did you get the job done?  I’m reaching out for encouragement here.  Help!


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7 responses to “36,233 words written so far…

  1. The beautiful thing about goals – they can be fudged a bit. You are over half way there…don’t beat yourself up over it.
    Make a big goal with little mini plan/goals in between. That way if you are just a tad shy of the big one – you have many in between to boost your spirit.

    Well over halfway to your goal….isn’t bad. Many wouldn’t have done this much.

    AND if you want to feel better….just look at your kitchen compared it mine. Feel better already, ah? 😉

  2. All I can offer is a virtual hug tonight, I’m feeling crushed and hopeless. That whole thing about a job change being one of the major stresses in a person’s life? Yeah, that’s where I am tonight. Can you trade him an hour of uninterruped football watching timeww for an hour of your uninterupped writing time?

    • Oh Jenny, I’m so sorry you’re stressed out! Does it make you feel better to know that you are really helping some kids who need it the most? I really respect what you do for a living. I’m giving you a virtual hug right back.

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