RIP Twinkies

Good bye, Twinkies.  Good bye, most delicious Hostess cupcakes.  Good bye, Wonder Bread.

In case you haven’t heard the news, Hostess has filed bankruptcy and the bakery will close its doors forever.

But fear not!  People have been hording boxes of said junk food and reselling them on Ebay and Craigslist for obscenely higher prices.

This gives potential investors a glimmer of hope as they will bid to purchase the brand names off the bankruptcy auction block.

I guess I’m glad I ate the box of them the other week.  I was in vogue without realizing it.

Who knew?

What was your favorite Hostess cake?

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7 responses to “RIP Twinkies

  1. Used to love the cupcakes when I was a teenager. Haven’t had anything Hostess in years though. Gotta say, it sucks that all those people are without jobs now but I have a hard time finding anything else bad about that crap not being available for people to kill themselves with anymore.

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