Day #19 – There’s an App for that…

Oooh…look how pretty!  An iPhone 5 in black.  And oooh…look!  Even prettier!  An iPhone 5 in white!  And there are all sorts of need button things with pictures on them to press!

I want one!!! 

Alas, here is my phone.  It is not smart.  It’s a step up from where I was (just a phone-phone) but now I’m really pressing Fitness Santa for a super cool phone so I can keep up with the Jones’.    I think Fitness Santa will be more willing to comply with my wishes if I can offer some of the cool benefits of having a smart phone.

Which is why I’m looking to you for help.  What fitness apps do you use?  Why do you love them?  How much do they cost?

Help a sista plead her case!


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6 responses to “Day #19 – There’s an App for that…

  1. I’m not sure what’s out there for other gym activities, like lifting or group fitness, but I use my Strava app when I run outdoors. It tracks my routes and my runs so it’s easier to keep up with weekly mileage totals. The other app I use all the time for running and lifting is Pandora (specifically, my Foo Fighters station) 🙂

  2. My husband loves strava too. I like Noom for the easy meal tracking function, It’s free. Daily yoga is awesome & free too. HTC One is better than IPhone 🙂

  3. I’ve played with Lose It, Active’s Couch to 5K, MapMyRun, Nike+ and Electric Miles (syncs with Daily MIle). The only one with any associated cost so far is the C25K and that was about $2.

    Lose it is pretty reasonable for food logging and the rest are all running trackers.

    Of the rest I like the general setup of Nike+ the best (plusses: syncs to FB, reasonable privacy settings, lots of ways to visualize activities, lots of motivation. Negatives: can’t log other types of workouts very well, accuracy is VERY questionable)

    C25K was very helpful for me starting to run but obviously well below your level at this point

    Not terribly psyched with Mapmyrun, I may ditch it as the support stuff for my Garmin does a much better job of all the same things.

    I only just loaded Electric Miles. Daily Mile is the easiest thing to keep track of on my blog so I figured I’d see how the app works. You can also log other styles of workouts through Daily Mile which I appreciate.

    It’s expensive for an app (around $8) but you may want to check out ZombiesRun! as a way to spice up random runs. I have not played with it yet but I know people who love it.

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