Day #20 – Your Most Awkward Fitness Moment?

My whole life seems like a long series of epic fails sometimes, so choosing just one is difficult.   Here are my top 3, in no particular order:

  • While attempting to be vain I accidentally wiped out during a group run  (see: Worst Injury.)
  • Passed out on a treadmill in a trendy LA gym filled with supermodels (see: Epic Fail
  • Been called out by management for wearing my posing bikini and stripper heels in the lobby (see: Hey!  Put a Towel on Lady!)

How about you?  What’s your most awkward fitness moment (now that I ‘fessed up three (3) of mine!)

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4 responses to “Day #20 – Your Most Awkward Fitness Moment?

  1. Long before I got really serious about this stuff and I was really small and scrawning I was benching with a friend at his apartment. He was watching tv or something and I loaded a 45 on each side. Did a lift, felt good and decided to load up a 25 on each side. Unracked and all of a sudden all the weight starting going left on me and I lost all control of it. I had only loaded a 25 on one side and not on the other. Glad it was just him who saw it and not a gym full of people. 🙂 He had to come help get all the weight off of me!

  2. I will only admit to one: The bike shop put the wrong cleats on my road shoes and ten miles later I tried to unclip, but couldn’t budge either foot! I had to do a slow-speed crash in front of the Great Lakes Naval Base!

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