Day #21 – A Fitness Journey in Pictures

Sometimes it’s good to take a look back, to see where you came from and where you’re headed now.  My blog posts cover the day-to-day stories; the ups and downs of my fitness adventures.  This post is just the story in pictures.

Size 14, 150 lbs.

The “before” shot was taken last Easter, April 2011, but it is pretty much how I looked on January 1, 2012.  And, no, I wasn’t pregnant…I probably should have taken a picture on New Years Day, but honestly I thought this current attempt of getting in shape would end like every other attempt, so I didn’t bother.  Who knew?

June 2012 – Size 1, 100 lbs.
(Caroline Poe Photography)

This is how I looked in June, three weeks before my first competition.  I’m standing with my trainer, Daniel Rufini.  (If you ever wanted evidence that personal training sessions are worth the expense, check out the countdown progress pictures below.)  He’s in Houston now.  If you’re looking for a trainer here’s his email: and tell him you follow this blog!

Size 1, 104 lbs.
November 2012

And this last shot was taken at the Texas State Naturals Championship on November 2, 2012.  In less than a year I lost 50 lbs. and added about 5 lbs. of lean muscle mass.

So that’s the quick summary in pictures.  The progress pictures below tell the longer story of the time it takes to get healthy.

And, of course, the story hasn’t ended!  I’ve have a new trainer now (Melissa Merritt) whom I’m sure I will drive equally nuts with my antics.

This entire journey has been so much fun and so life altering, I’ve decided to give it a try myself – yep, I’m now studying to become a certified personal trainer to help other people meet their fitness goals.  Because if I can get in shape, truly anyone can.

12 Week Countdown to Adela Garcia Classic

Note:  Photos go from March – June 2012.  By the first pic I had already lost 25 lbs. from the original “before” shot.

12 Week Countdown To TX State Naturals Championship

These pictures were taken August – November 2012.  The pictures are smaller because they were taken with my goofy phone instead of a camera.  Oops.

So that’s my fitness journey for the year.  I hope your journey was much fun as mine!  And if you haven’t started your journey yet – take the plunge!  If I can do it you can do it too.

Lisa (c) 2012 Lisa Traugott.  All rights reserved.  No portion of this blog, including any text, photographs, and artwork, may be reproduced or copied without written permission.

7 responses to “Day #21 – A Fitness Journey in Pictures

    • Aw, thanks! In the new year I will train for the figure division, which is more about muscle tone and less about swagger, which I just can’t seem to pull off. 😉 Also, I’m studying for my NASM cert. How about you?

      • Gonna eventually get back to training for my next marathon, but I’m really enjoying my strength in the 6-13 mile range so I want to hone my speed, too! Then there’s the ever-elusive ACE cert, but I hope with the right gym schedule I’ll eventually find/make the time to get back to studying!

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