Day #22 – What Are You Thankful For?

You know, a holiday just isn’t a holiday in my house unless someone is sick.  Last year Rylee got chicken pox on Halloween; this year little man had a little fever and was crying on and off all day, poor little dude.

I was going to wax poetic about the Pilgrims and being thankful but I’m pretty worn out from cooking, cleaning and caring for the baby, so I’m just going to give a down and dirty list of the Top 5 things I’m grateful for.

1.  I’m so very grateful that my family is together, (mostly) healthy, and happy.  Even though we drive each other nuts sometimes, we are all part of Team Traugott and love each other.

2.  My mom and brother and friends back home weathered Superstorm Sandy.  They lost their power but not each other or their homes.  Sometimes it takes a hurricane to really put priorities in perspective.

3.  This year I was able to reconnect with one of my closest friends – Jenny.  We never stopped being friends, or had a falling out or anything, it’s just that she has three kids and I have two and life got busy.  But we started staying in touch through blogging, of all things.  I forgot just how much I loved hanging out and laughing with her.

4.  I’m thankful that our business is finally turning the corner!!!  I’m looking forward to completing all the units over the next year so Henri can relax more.  It’s been a rough three years and he’s really due a break.

5.  Finally, I’m thankful that I stumbled upon a remarkably fulfilling sport – bodybuilding.  It helps me to relieve stress and get strong and I’ve met a great group of new friends through it too.  It also gave me a subject I found quirky enough to blog about, and blogging is as much fun as bodybuilding with an equally fantastic group of inspiring women and men I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know.

It’s been a great year and I am truly blessed.  What are you grateful for? (c) 2012 Lisa Traugott.  All rights reserved.  No portion of this blog, including any text, photographs, and artwork, may be reproduced or copied without written permission.




2 responses to “Day #22 – What Are You Thankful For?

  1. Miss you too! When I win the lottery I’ll buy a jet and we’ll have girls nights together whenever we want. Or I’ll get my transporter beam working, either way. Miss you!

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