Day #25 – How Do You Handle Exercise and Clean Eating During the Holiday Season

Holidays stress me out for two main reasons: 1 – my entire routine is thrown off for at least six weeks and 2 – I’m totally shy/awkward at holiday parties.  These two stressors come in to play big time with trying to maintain an exercise schedule and following clean eating principles.

I just have to make sure I force myself out of bed at 4 a.m. to get my workout in before everyone wakes up instead of hitting the snooze button.  Once they’re up I automatically switch into Mommy/Wife mode and there’s no time left for me to go to the gym.  I tend to sleep past my alarm when I don’t get to bed early enough the night before.  If guest are coming to my home, it means staying up late to cook/clean/entertain and if we go to a party without the kids we don’t get home until after midnight and it’s really hard to fall asleep knowing I have to get up less than three hours later.

Those are just excuses.  I know.  But they are extremely valid excuses.

Clean Eating and I are not always on the best of terms, especially at holiday parties.  See, I’m one of those shy people who stands next to the food table and nibbles incessantly so I won’t have to talk to anyone unless they come near the cheese and crackers.  My husband is a total extravert and could strike up a conversation with anyone.  It takes me a little while plus a drink to relax.  Drinking is totally not part of clean eating, but it does help me to function better in awkward social settings, so Ima go with a glass of red wine.

Of course, it’s not like I go to parties every night.  Although I was at one last night.  My new trainer, Mel, had a party for everyone on her team; it was at Amy’s house.  I haven’t really started training full force; I’m just doing the bootcamp on Sundays until after the holidays so I don’t really know everyone yet, which made me strongly incline towards the food table.  However, my family was with me, so this party I spent more time chasing my toddler than chasing down wine with cookies; that helped.  Also, everyone there was really into fitness and it was interesting to see everyone take one normal-size portion meal and maybe one dessert.  If everyone else could be moderate I could too I reasoned.  And, of course, once I started talking to people I felt more at ease.

Maybe I need to just focus on the day-to-day and not get overwhelmed by the entire holiday season.

How about you?  How do you handle exercise and clean eating during the holiday season?

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5 responses to “Day #25 – How Do You Handle Exercise and Clean Eating During the Holiday Season

  1. Totally hear ya! It is hard to stay clean. The best advice (the one you gave…) was to focus on one day at a time. Also, not to stress if you do go to a few holiday parties. A few days of “unclean” eating will not undo progress. …one day at a time… 😉 This morning, having been inspired by a friend at the gym (*wink*), I put together a weekly food, cardio, and weight plan. I figured I’ll be less likely to “daily mindless cheat” if I have a plan. Also, an accountability partner is great year round but also around the uoliday

  2. I really focus on maintaining the calorie deficit, but I’m a cardio junkie so that comes naturally. For my clients who are less inclined to run or hop on the elliptical, I encourage classes. I also like the old advice of never going to a party hungry. One go-to method for me if I know I don’t want to OD on fatty foods it to eat an apple and drink a full (16oz) glass of water shortly before heading out.

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