The Elf is Watching You

   Last year The Elf on the Shelf found it’s way into our home.  For those of you without kids it is a FANTASTIC holiday helper.  See Santa is really busy this time of year so he delegates some of his tasks to the elves.  The elf will show up in one part of the house and watch the children to make sure they are behaving.  He (or she – there are girl elves too) reports back to Santa and returns to the house the next day.

How do you know that the elf really went to see Santa and then came back?  Well, every morning the elf is in a different spot in the house and the kids have to find him.

I love this elf.  Over Thanksgiving weekend our elf, Ariel, appeared.  (Rylee named our elf during a Little Mermaid phase…)  The kids were (surprise) arguing with each other about something and I said, “You guys better start behaving.  The Elf is watching you.”  They both looked up above the chimney and there she was.  A hush fell over the kiddy crowd.

Rylee said, “Um…let’s move to a different room.  Quick, Henry!”

I don’t think that was the point, but anyway I’m going to pretend that the elf is going to report to Fitness Santa about my clean eating, cause why not have the entire family fear this little toy, right?

On Sunday Mel asked everyone at bootcamp if we still had Thanksgiving leftovers.  Of course, I did!  She told us to either give them away to the fire department, a homeless person or throw them away and get them out of the house.  She said it’s important to have balance, and enjoy meals at holiday times, but not graze nonstop all month.

So on Sunday I had my last meal of leftovers (oh they were good!) and got rid of everything else.  Well, except the turkey.  I’ve been using that for the kids’ lunches.

How about you?  Did you get rid of your leftovers?  Would the elf tell Fitness Santa you’ve been bad or good?

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