Day #27 – Your Most Memorable Meal

Hmm.  Memorable is a funny word.  It can refer to something good or something very, very bad.  My most memorable meal was my wedding night, of course.  We got married on the beach in San Diego and shared lobster tails and filet mignon with 125 of our closest friends and family as the crimson sun set peacefully over the Pacific Ocean.

Bodybuilding Breakfast. Yuck!

My worst meal ever was the breakfast I had to eat the week of my first competition.  It tasted like punishment.  5 Egg whites, spinach, and a portion of a banana.  By this point I think I was consuming something like 15 egg whites per day and good God I hate spinach.

The banana was pretty awesome though, even if it wasn’t a whole one.  Anyway, Daniel yelled at me gave me a reminder pep talk about eating immediately after completing cardio.  (I was eating about 2 hours later, after I got Rylee off to nursery school.)

In an effort to show him I was doing what I was supposed to do I had a friend snap a shot of me eating my banana at the gym and sent it to him via text.

Lisa:  C?  I’m eating the banana.

Daniel:  Of course you r, it’s a banana…  What about the eggs and spinach?

Lisa:  I don’t do cold scrambled eggs.  I’ll eat when I get home.

People who have been reading this blog for awhile:  How well do you think that comment went over?

Like 15 text messages with ALL CAPS and lots of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! later I decided it was safer to follow the meal plan.  Daniel gets very pissy when you don’t follow his meal plan.  I still get heart palpitations thinking of those texts.  That was my worst meal.  Ever.

How about you?  What’s your most memorable meal (good or bad)?

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8 responses to “Day #27 – Your Most Memorable Meal

  1. I like your take on “memorable”. Now that I think about it, usually, the most memorable are the ones you struggle first then gets rewarded big later. Though, I’m not making any parallels. My most memorable meals are “Son of a Dutch”, Vigan Empanada in the Philippines and a Shabu-Shabu dinner. “Son of a Dutch” is just one of those frappe drinks. Vigan Empanada is my most craved food amongst all my food travels. Shabu-Shabu (where there’s a steaming pot in front of us. And the food gets cook right then and there), it was a food trip as well as laugh trip with my girlfriend.

  2. I don’t do cold eggs either so I drink my eggs. Yup, get over the fact that you are drinking egg whites and it goes down pretty well. I hate cooking egg whites now, I would much rather drink them.

    My most memorable “bad” meal would have to be an eel soup in Japan. I choked enough of it down to not appear to rude at the restaurant and then stopped at the nearest vending machine to down a coke thinking that would get the taste out of my mouth. But then I burped eel soup all the way back to the hotel. Gives me shivers just thinking about it.

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