Day #29 – How Did You Do On Your November Goals?

The month is drawing to a close and Christmas is upon us.  Time to check in and see how I did on my goals…

Goals for November

1.  Do my best at the Texas State Naturals Championship this weekend.  Learn from whatever feedback I get.

Size 1, 104 lbs.
November 2012

While not award winning, I improved!!!  And the lowest mark on my critique (aka Fitness Report Card) was for the bikini and the highest mark was for my muscle development.  I’m pretty happy with that, because not only does it mean my muscularity is headed in the correct direction, it also gives me an excuse to buy a new sparkly bikini.

2.  Take a one (1) week dirty food vacation and then get back to clean eating for the rest of the month (rest of my life?)

Ummm….Well, I would love to tell you I’ve been a clean eating maven, but the damn elf is watching and might report my lies to Fitness Santa.  I went a little nutty with the chocolate chips around Thanksgiving; I’m still using creamer in my coffee because it tastes better that way; and I will ‘fess to eating a few bowls of Lucky Charms.  But beyond that I’ve been ok, doing a modified version of The Bikini Diet.  Heck, I even tried a vegan meal last night!
3.  Welcome to the Off Season!  Goal weight: 120 lbs. for the next eight (8!) months so I can build 5-8 lbs. muscle for my next competition.

This goal got modified by my new trainer, Mel.  She told me to not focus on “120 lbs” which made me feel better.  I was totally stressed out about working so hard to lose 50 lbs. just to put 20 lbs. back on for the next 6-8 months.  She told me to give my body a break from all the supplements, just get my nutrients from food, and after the holidays she’ll put me on a meal plan and see how my body reacts to it.

4.  Begin to pursue personal training career path.

I’ve skimmed the entire NASM book and now I am slowly rereading each chapter (I’m up to Chapter 5.)  I had no idea the human body was so complicated!  I also spoke briefly with one of the managers at 24 Hour Fitness and he said I would need to get CPR certified, so I signed up for a class with the Red Cross.  Plus I have my first client (sorta)!  My neighbor across the street is great with computers so I’m working out with her and she’s teaching me how to post videos and figure out Mac.  (I bet ya’ll were wondering why I’m suddenly posting videos now…)
5.  No Plot? No Problem!  Write She’s Losing It! memoir this month!

This was the trickiest one for me.  I have a habit of starting things and not finishing them, which is why I signed up for the challenge to write a 50,000 word book in exactly one month.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s a rough draft, not something you’d see at Barnes & Nobel…yet…cause guess who wrote 50,621 words?  🙂

How about you?  How did you do on your November goals?


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9 responses to “Day #29 – How Did You Do On Your November Goals?

  1. November Goals: 1) complete NaNoWriMo = done. 2) survive the first round of family holiday madness = done, barely, but no worse than expected so I definitely call that a win. Congrats on winning NaNoWriMo too.

  2. You did great! My goals…not so much. I can’t seem to get my life settled here yet, and really haven’t done a great job physically or mentally taking care of myself. There is always next month 🙂 5 interviews in 4 weeks and all no’s really put a damper on things, especially when you are 32, living with your parents, borrowing your parents car, expecting your first kid and having no idea who will hire you or your husband only to know that in 5 months a new addition will be here and we want to give them a calm life brought up by us… ugh…and of course, working out seems to never find time in my day of not doing anything

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