Fat Burning Soda? Well isn’t that Special?

Pepsi Special

” brandingmagazine.com

Want to burn fat and lose weight while still drinking junky soda pop?  Enter Pepsi Special, the latest drink out of Japan.

The secret sauce is dextrin, a water-soluble form of fiber that Pepsi Japan claims will reduce fat absorption and suppress appetite.

Why dexatrin?  This was based on a 2006 Japanese study indicating that rats fed dextrin and fat at the same time absorbed less fat than rats that weren’t fed dextrin.

But does it work in people?

“Nutritionist Paula Simpson doesn’t think so. Dextrin is typically used as a thickening agent in foods, she says, and binds to nutrients in the gut, which can cause stomach bloating and cramping. It might also contain potential allergens like wheat or corn. “Also of concern is the potential for excess absorption or binding of other key nutrients within the gut, including healthy fats,” says Simpson.”  (prevention.com)

And although you won’t see this product in the near future (the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t allow soft drink to be fortified with nutrients, such as Dextrin) that doesn’t mean Coca-Cola isn’t taking notice.  According to Popular Science, “Coca-Cola recently announced that it will partner with French company Sanofi to launch four drinks claiming to do everything from improving your skin to fighting aging.”
Well, at least companies are moving in the right direction to try to make junk food healthier, but it’s probably just better to, oh I don’t know, drink water and eat authentic foods like vegetables that already have fiber in them.  Call me crazy.
What do you think about this latest food trend?
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4 responses to “Fat Burning Soda? Well isn’t that Special?

  1. I hate it! They are basically trying to trick people into thinking their horribly unhealthy product are beneficial. Anyway you want to look at it, it’s crap IMO.

  2. Ha! there’s always a ‘rub.’ Remember those chips that were like zero everything because the ingredient made you poop it out? Was it Olestra or something like that? Geez…devil in disguise 😉

  3. After living in Asia, (both Japan and Korea) this doesn’t surprise me. The idea of being skinny is out of control. I believe there are more plastic surgery centers in Korea than anywhere in the world (Gangnam Style ring a bell?) My adult students would tell me about their diets when they were all 80 lbs to begin with. I am sure this soda would take off without even a thought.

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