Expectation Management



Yes, it’s good to have goals, but it’s also good to manage your expectations.  For example, this cat may think he has the strength of a lion, but if he were somehow transported into the jungles of Africa, Fluffy’s going down.

I feel Fluffy’s pain.  This morning I went to the gym feeling so strong and mighty.  Then I tried an assisted chin up at level 30 and barely made it once.  Well good morning, reality check!

One of my goals for December is to do one (1) unassisted chin up by the end of the month.  It’s not looking promising.  Oh well, I’ll just keep trying.  It might take me longer than a month but I’ll get there.

Shoot for the stars.  You might not get there but at least you’ll land on a cloud.

Do you set yourself really difficult goals or easier-to-achieve goals?


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