Wow, I Should Totally Follow My Own Advice

Boardwalk Empire

Last night I had a very clear game plan:  Put the kids to bed, do a 30 minute Pilates video and then tackle the catastrophe that is my office closet.  That being completed I planned on drinking some Casein protein and hitting the sack around 10 p.m.

So I watched back-to-back episodes of Boardwalk Empire till 2 a.m.  while eating chips and dip with Henri.  Then I topped it off with a bowl of Lucky Charms.

Damn it!

I really should read my own blog posts.  They have such good advice, like this one: Why Wait Till New Years – like clean out the junk food from your pantry, get 6-8 hours of sleep, start a gratitude journal.   But instead I watch Nucky’s elaborate gangster chess game and try to figure out who’s getting whacked next.  So of course I didn’t get enough sleep.  So of course I couldn’t get out of bed at my usual 4 a.m. to go workout.  And not working out makes me cranky and who feels thankful when you’re cranky, right?

But at 6 a.m. I forced myself out of bed to try to self-correct.  I didn’t have time to go to the gym, but I did have 30 minutes before the kids got up to jog the neighborhood.  At first I was really crabby and blaming my husband for the chips.  See, he came home from work looking like someone killed his puppy and I thought he needed a friend more than I needed an organized closet and one thing led to another and suddenly we were adding up the death toll in Jersey as I mentally added the chip calorie toll in my head.  But that’s just an excuse.  His bad day should not have translated into my eating crap.

So as I ran I began to make a mental gratitude journal:  I’m thankful for my family.  I’m thankful I can run.  I’m thankful HBO has really good TV shows about Jersey mafia peeps.  It put me in a much better mood.

Goodbye chips in my pantry

Goodbye chips in my pantry

Then when I got home I had a Come to Jesus moment with Henri.

“Henri, we can’t have chips and Lucky Charms in the pantry.  I just can’t have that near me.”

“Oh, so I can’t eat anything I like because you’re on a diet?”

“I wish I was Superwoman and had willpower of steel, but junk food is my kryptonite and unless you want me to be a size 14 again, we have to get this stuff out of here.”

Goodbye magically delicious Lucky Charms

Goodbye magically delicious Lucky Charms

He acquiesced and finished the Lucky Charms.  The chips got moved to the garage (he couldn’t part with them.)  Tonight I’ll try to do better.

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8 responses to “Wow, I Should Totally Follow My Own Advice

  1. Sometimes you just have to throw the junk away and start all over…again and again until you get it right!
    Been there done that…and I know nothing about a missing hostess ding dong from my pantry, I mean they are going out of business right?

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