Fit Family – 5 Healthy Holiday Things to Do

If your kids go to school or nursery school like mine you might be looking at your calendar right now and realizing that they are going to be home for like, 18 days!  Oh sure, there’s always the Grinch and Dora’s Christmas Special to watch but even kids get bored with TV after a while. Here are:

5 Healthy Things to Do with Your Fit Family

1.  If you live someplace snowy there are tons of outdoor activities.  Sled down the tallest hill you can find and workout your glutes on the long, long walk back up the hill.   Get an upper body workout and have a snowball fight.  (Plus, hey, it’s fun to pelt someone with a snowball.)   If your kids are old enough, try skiing or snowboarding.

Rylee dressed as St. Lucia and Henry is Santa's Helper

Rylee dressed as St. Lucia and Henry is Santa’s Helper

2.  Expand your taste buds and go to a diversity festival.  Learn about how other cultures celebrate the season and try new foods.  If your family likes something they sampled ask for the recipe and try it at home.

3. Merry Christmas y’all!  See if your town has a walking tour of seasonal displays.  Austin is famous for it’s Trail of Lights at Zilker Park.  It was closed for a few years due to the Great Recession but welcome back recovery – it’s on again. The Trail of Lights will kick off on Dec. 16, 2012 with a 5K run followed by the grand opening of the lights display, which is a great way to walk some miles with the family.  It will run through Dec. 23 and there will be numerous performances as well as food and drinks.  Marathon Kids will also have a booth there if you want to find out more about their program, or read here about it:  Marathon Kids.

4.  See The Nutcracker or another ballet.  Let your kids get swept away in the music and the fantasy and after the show you might want to talk about how strong and fit the dancers are.  Dancing is a fun way to exercise and sometimes watching a professional troupe perform will inspire your kids to try ballet.

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

5.  Remember balance.  Don’t be a total Scrooge and only let your kids eat wheat germ.  The act of making food together, like making a gingerbread house or baking and decorating sugar cookies, gives your family a sense of tradition plus it’s a lot of fun.  If you want to make things a little healthier, why not substitute honey or Stevia for sugar?  Or decorate the gingerbread house with raisins and almonds?  (Or, just go with the candy and just make it a cheat meal day.)  Here are some recipes for healthier desserts:  Guilt-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies, Quinoa Almond Butter Blondies.

Have any other healthy activities you like to do with your family?  Please share…’cause I have, like 18 days to fill, and only 5 ideas here….

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2 responses to “Fit Family – 5 Healthy Holiday Things to Do

  1. We have a park that is covered in Christmas lights sculptures. It was fun to walk around and it was some light weight exercising pushing the stroller around.

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