The Elf is busted!

The Elf is busted!

So that’s where my alcohol went!!!  Yeah, well the fat dude in the North Pole reads this blog and you’ve got some splainin’ to do my little elfen friend.  (Paybacks for narking me out to Fitness Santa about the chips and Lucky Charms I ate the other night….)

But his drink reminds me that I have a pretty cool interview coming up with Master Mixologist and cocktail maestro, Hayley Jensen, who will talk about what all the cool kids are drinking at holiday parties this season.

I know…cocktails are not a fitness beverage but sometimes mommies need a drink!

Don’t worry – I’ll also ask about wine pairings with food and what to serve someone who is avoiding alcohol but wants to still seem hip at the party.


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4 responses to “BUSTED!

  1. I never trusted that elf. Could you add the best post trail marathon beer to the list of topics? Any alcohol handed out as part of your prize for finishing from some athletic endeavor can be counted as a sports drink!

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