5 Tips to Staying Healthy When Weather Changes Suddenly



Yesterday it was 80 degrees and I was wearing shorts.  Today it’s going to be 40 degrees and I’ll need to scrape the frost from my car windows before driving to the gym.  Know why?  Because Austin weather makes no sense!

If you are like me, the crazy temperature fluctuations can make you feel…well…under the weather.  While change in temperature does not cause illness (only bacteria and viruses do that) it can give you symptoms of the flu.  Cold weather = runny nose but not a cold.

Here are from EHow.com:

5 Prevention Tips to Stay Healthy During Wacky Weather:

  1. Nutrition, exercise and hygiene can boost the immune system while the weather changes.
  2. Getting enough vitamin C is essential for warding off colds.
  3. Zinc, found in foods such as oysters, shellfish and all bran cereals, helps the body make more T-cells, which fight infection.
  4. Exercise lowers stress levels that make people vulnerable to viruses, and it may increase the circulation of cells needed to fight infection.
  5. And in all temperatures, washing your hands frequently can prevent the spread of the bacteria that causes illness in the first place.
Stay healthy!

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