Oh, just stop hiding!

Baby Blocker

Baby Blocker






When I was overweight I used my children as baby blockers against photographs.



Here’s the first problem with that:  the baby wasn’t big enough to hide my entire body.


Here’s the second problem with that:  the reason I hid was because I didn’t want to face the harsh reality of the truth – that I was overweight and unhealthy.  But pictures don’t lie.


My grand solution?  Don’t allow anyone to take pictures of me.


The problem with that?


I made myself invisible from the storyline of my kids.  They have pictures with each other and with Daddy, but not so many with me.  And that’s stupid.


Here’s another reality:  my kids never gave a shit what I weighed on the scale.  They loved me when I was fat.  They love me now that I’m thin.  Just like I love them no matter what they do or how they look.  Because true love is unconditional.



So this Christmas when the cameras come out and you’re feeling kind of fat, don’t make yourself invisible; you are robbing your children the chance to have memories of you as you are today.   If you don’t like your weight, stop hiding, stop denying and make some changes in your life.  It’s hard but worth it.

Your kids aren’t looking at your double chin or wobbly arms.  Your kids look at you and see love.




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7 responses to “Oh, just stop hiding!

  1. Wow! Ok so did you know that you would think my hubby’s a single father in our first 10 Christmas’ with kids. Yup. I took the pictures, I didn’t feel the need to be in them….and you’re right, my kids don’t look at me and see what I do…they see Mom.

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