Shopping = 0 calories. Unless you drink wine while you shop…

Lia Sophia bracelet

Lia Sophia bracelet

“How much damage did you do?” asked Henri just now, as I walked in the door.

“Do you mean in terms of finances or calories?” I asked carefully.

“Uh oh…”

My friend from 24 Fitness, Obidia, just hosted one of those Lia Sophia jewelry parties so I got a chance to hang out with other women and buy stuff!  OMG – buying something that’s not from Walmart!  The Great Recession MUST be over!

See my pretty bracelet?That was actually free because I won one of the raffle prizes, so when you consider that I also bought earrings for $42, well it’s more like $21 because the bracelet was free, right?

And the calories that I ate should also be split in half because 1)  I used a very small plate, 2) I don’t have any trainers to report to because Daniel moved and I don’t start training with Mel for real until after the New Year and 3) the elf wasn’t watching.  Ha!  So there!  Also, I’ve been sweating it out with preemptive cardio in anticipation of tonight’s little shindig.

I met another figure competitor and a woman who has kids almost the same age as mine (we set up a play date) and two people I never met before knew about the blog (thanks Obidia!)  So it was a most productive evening 🙂

If any of you like jewelry, below is the link to the catalogue.  (FYI – I’m not getting anything for it, just know some of you like earrings and such.)

Well, I’m off to bed.  I’ll be up and paying cardio penance for the rest of the week…but it was worth it!

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2 responses to “Shopping = 0 calories. Unless you drink wine while you shop…

  1. Thanks for coming. I almost didn’t recognize you without gym clothes. I will be paying cardio penance all week too. Burn, baby, burn! 😉

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