Travelling this Holiday? Try these tips

Peter ShankmanWhile traveling roughly 250,000 miles a year consulting for a wide range of clients that include American Express, Sprint, Snapple Beverage Group, Harrah’s Hotels, and a slew of others,  fitness enthusiast and Ironman athlete Peter Shankman has picked up some really practical and useful tips you might like:

4 Tips from Peter:

  1. Anywhere can be a gym, even an airplane. On long flights, like this one I’m currently on to Hong Kong, I’ll drop down in the galley every two hours for 25 quick push-ups. Gets the blood flowing, keeps me sane and prevents any possibility of deep vein thrombosis (DVT, which can lead to clots). I just recommend telling the flight attendant what you’ll be doing before you drop, lest you have an air marshal pointing a loaded gun in your face.
  2. Late dinners with clients are waist-killers, unless you know what to eat. You can actually have a dinner at a steak house for less than 800 calories—raw bar, petite filet, steamed asparagus. It still tastes good, and you still get to enjoy it. And don’t believe the hype about eating late turning into fat. The body simply doesn’t work that way. You know what turns into fat? Fat. Eat a light meal, and it doesn’t matter when you eat it.
  3. Let your clothes be your guide. Forget the scale. I rely on my clothes to tell me how I’m doing. Jeans starting to get a little tight? That’s my answer: time to scale back my eating and increase my workouts.
  4. Don’t forget weights. Cardio by itself won’t save you. A good weight-lifting regimen two or three times a week will increase muscle mass, requiring your body to burn more calories simply to stay alive. More calories burned, more weight lost.

Thanks Peter!

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