15 responses to “Not Hiding from the Camera Now!

  1. Question, so what do body building moms do about stretch marks? It seems like no one has them and those women that were really heavy before do not have saggy tummy skin or anything. Does everyone (except you 😉 get tummy tucks after weightloss or pregnancy?

    • Stretch marks/mom’s apron, etc. is a common complaint from every mom I know (bodybuilders included.) When a competitor is on stage there are two things helping: 1- Spray on tans cover a lot 2- you stand and walk on stage with your back arched in a “c” curve. This stretches the loose skin back so it is barely visible. Stand like a regular person and lose the tan, you’re back to mom’s apron.

      The treatment options and prices for minimizing the stretched skin are listed in this post: http://sheslosingit.net/2012/09/20/the-skinny-on-skin-tightening-promo-code/

      Hope that helps!

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