Confessions of an Approval Seeker

I was driving to drop off my son from nursery school and the chipper person on the radio announced, “Only twelve days until Christmas!”  I almost stopped the car.  How did that happen?

And then I started to think, “I’m almost half way through the month…what were my goals again?”

Ah yes, do an unassisted chin up.  Status: OMG this is hard!!!

I overslept today so I went to the gym in the later morning with all the other mommies and senior citizens.  I was hanging on the assisted chin up machine at level at 40 (the goal is to get it down to 0) and I was totally struggling just as a group of women were lining up for some yoga class or something.

Confession:  I lightened the load to level 54 just so I would look stronger doing chin ups in front of these random people I never met. AGH!  Why do I do things like that???

I swear the Yoga Mommies freak me out.  They have pretty exercise outfits that match and have cute water bottles that are pink with rhinestones on them and some of them even wear make-up.  When I go to the gym I look like ass.  My hair is in some form of a messy bun and I usually wear some junky T-shirt over a sports bra.  My sweat pants are kinda cut though.

Anyway, do you ever fall prey to the approval seeker trap?

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8 responses to “Confessions of an Approval Seeker

  1. So far I haven’t fallen prey to the approval seeker trap, but I guess I have it easy.. working out at home and really having no one around me.. just me.. and the kids..
    Really hard to believe it’s already mid-December.. I’m running out of time to get my Christmas shopping done.. EEK!

    • Damn, my legs hurt just thinking about it. Of course the yoga chicks do some seriously impressive moves of their own. I guess I just feel like the geeky theatre club student around the cheerleaders. I really need to grow up a little. It’s been 20 years since graduation after all.

  2. Oh my gosh, YES! I was just thinking about this the other day, I workout at Lifetime (where EVERYONE) in my community works out and I always see someone I know when I workout so when I do, I will skip out on a workout I know makes me look like I’m struggling 😦 UGH. Not to mention there is no way I’m going to the hot tub after my workout.

  3. I not a fancy girl at the gym either. I figure if I am going sweat and push myself to limits…I best be comfy!

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