Winter Workout Tips

Lisa Traugott - Ion Studio

Lisa Traugott – Ion Studio

The year was 2000 and it was the first time Henri flew home to New Jersey to  meet my parents. I had flown back earlier and Henri arrived a few days later.  I was one of the last people alive who did not yet own a cell phone,  (Have you noticed I’m notoriously behind the curve with technology?) so I told him to just wait outside Newark Airport and we would pick him up.

Well it had snowed 16 inches and was 19 degrees below zero that day, and of course Newark Airport being Newark Airport was under construction and we couldn’t get even remotely close to his terminal.  And since I didn’t have a cell phone, there was no way to tell him this.

Henri was born in Florida and lived in sunny California since he was four years old so when I told him to wear something warm we thought a light leather jacket would do the trick.  He did not own gloves.

When we finally got to him his face was numb, his lips were blue, and the first thing he said to my mother was, “Why do people live here?”

My mother, being my mother, said, “Quit being a wussy boy.”  For Christmas she gave him a snow shovel with a note that said, “This is for the driveway.”

They’ve had the same relationship ever since.  (Just kidding – they laugh at each other.)

Anyway, I’m with Henri on this one – I hate the cold!  That’s why I only live in warm places.  But Austin, while not NJ, is colder than San Diego, so here are

Some Tips for Making a Winter Workout Easier:

  1. If you are going outside (running, biking, skiing) throw your clothes in the dryer first to warm them up.
  2. If you are going to be outside a lot, check out this website: and click on “winter cycling.”  He gives reviews of warm clothing, goggles, hand warmers, etc.
  3. Stuck inside?  Try new things.  Why just use cardio equipment?  Try a new yoga or kickboxing class.  Heck, I’m finally going to start my pole dancing classes.  (Don’t worry – I’m not looking for a career change, just a fun exercise class.)
  4. Don’t like classes?  Try new strength exercises.  Here’s a new booty one Ima try from  Glorious Glutes.
  5. On cold mornings when you don’t want to lug yourself out of bed remind yourself that bikini season is just around the corner…

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7 responses to “Winter Workout Tips

  1. Clothes in the dryer – brilliant. I tend to stick my gloves on the radiator, but putting my clothes in the dryer would be super. Do you also put your clothes in the freezer in the summer? That’s one of my hot weather secrets – though people do look at you funny when you pull a pair of shorts out from next to the ice cream…

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