New Trainer, New Ideas…New Look?

Lisa Traugott - Red head?

Lisa Traugott – Red head?

Mel has a completely different style versus Daniel.  Daniel went for heavier weights, supplements, strict adherence to clean eating,  and no alcohol…ever.

Mel does lighter weights/more reps, wants me to get all nutrients from food alone, and has been known to do pub crawls with the girls from Mel’s Machines.


I have to wrap my mind around this before I start training for real in January.

Lisa Traugott - ION Studio

Lisa Traugott – ION Studio

One of the interesting things about training for a bodybuilding competition versus training for say, marathon running or just general health, is that in bodybuilding your coach offers suggestions on subjective things like hair color.  Why?  Because you’re graded on it!

Daniel said, “You should go lighter with your hair.  It’ll make your eyes bluer.”  Hence, I went with the Lady Gaga color, which honestly, was a lot of fun.  I haven’t been that blonde since I was Rylee’s age.

And he did have a point.  If you look at my competition critique (a/k/a my fitness report card,) you will see that hair and make-up actually has it’s own category and I got my highest marks (along with muscular development) in that category.

Report card from TSNC

Report card from TSNC

But going platinum = pain in the ass because you have to get your roots done every four weeks or you just look goofy.  Mel did my hair and make-up for the competition and while she was applying mascara said to me, “You should really consider going darker with your hair.  It’ll make your eyes bluer.”

Where have I heard that before?

I was nervous at first; after all the last time I dyed my hair black it turned green.  (Read here:  The Day My Hair Turned Green.)  But heck she’s my new coach so why not try, right?  My family is divided on the results…

What do you think?

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19 responses to “New Trainer, New Ideas…New Look?

  1. Woah, okay I have to apologize I must not have been paying close enough attention. Did you say new trainer??? Did you give Daniel the boot cause he was all up in your stuff or what? LOL

    • I didn’t ditch him – he moved to Houston! He’s a nutritionist now. After I get my book published I will probably change the web photo…I need to submit my story to your site. How do I do that?

      • Its painless 🙂

        The questions are simple
        1.Stats starting body weight/fat current body weight/fat
        2. Back round – how u got started
        3 current fitness goals
        4 your training split
        5 a typical day of eating for you & any supplements you would like to mention

        Thats it please feel free to include however many photos you want and
        include all of your social media links for people to follow your

        Email to

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