6 More Fighting Days

Ho! Ho! Holy s**t I ate a lot of cookies yesterday!  I’m off to do cardio penance.  Real cardio penance.  Like sprints and stuff and not just reading the NASM text book on the Stair Master.  I have 6 more fighting days until the end of the year and Ima fight that pound of flesh!  Also, I have my meal plan out on the counter and I’m ready to put my eating in check.



Will unwrap Christmas when I get back.  TTYL


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7 responses to “6 More Fighting Days

  1. I ate a few cookies yesterday, as well, but managed to stay within reason overall. Enjoyed but didn’t overindulge. Spending much of today in a car driving to visit inlaws and then back home later tonight, so not much working out in my future today. 😦 BUT…I can’t wait to workout tomorrow with my new kettlebells!

      • cool….where do I comment? the guards sound like they would be great, since one of the moves I tried today (a “clean” maybe???) had me flipping the kb over my wrist and onto my arm and it banged my arm every time!

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