Unwrapping Christmas

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3

How was your Christmas?  Mine was pretty sweet!  The good news:  I got a smart phone!!!  The bad news:  I have no idea how to use it!!!  It’s a Samsung Galaxy III and I can tell that it is incredibly cool but it’s kind of taxing my Luddite brain trying to figure it out.  The entire night it kept making little bubble sounds, which I guess means that all the insomniacs wanted to talk to me.

Today it scared the crap out of me.  I was on my bedroom floor with the kids trying to fix this truck with a spider that pops out (!?!)  Rylee said, “I broke the truck!  I’m so sorry, Henry.  Daddy’s going to be mad at me!”  “It’s ok, Rylee, I’ll fix it, we don’t have to tell Daddy.”

Then I heard a whistle.

“Daddy?” asked Rylee.

“Henri?” I asked, wondering why I always seem to get busted for these types of things.  But no one was there.

Another whistle…

“Daddy?”  Little Henry ran out of the room.  Then I got scared, ’cause who the hell is in my house?  But no one was there.  Was there a bird caught in the chimney?


It’s coming from my bedroom…it’s coming from my…smart phone.  Are you freakin’ kidding me?  OK – I have to be smarter than the  phone, but sometimes that’s work.

I tried to email some photos from my phone to my email so I could post them on the blog but only half of them came through, so here are the ones that did:

Yes!  I will finally figure out what the big deal is about Zumba in the comfort of my own home.  Also, perhaps I will learn some hip hop moves so I can totally embarrass my family at the next wedding we get invited to.

New Smart Phone & New Music!

New Smart Phone & New Music!

Henri got me some new music because he had to admit my iPod playlist was comically outdated.  You can see the reflection of my phone in the case.  🙂

6pack lunch box

6pack lunch box

This thing is awesome!  It’s got tupperware for 3 meals, ice packs on the side, compartments for protein shakes and water bottles and the top part has dividers for supplements and protein bars.  Thank you, Fitness Santa!

Tank tops

Tank tops

Look out Yoga Moms!  My kids got me a whole slew of workout tank tops, so now I will be a fashionable fit mama.




And this is pretty cool – my first client gave me a gift too!  After noting my very sad water bottle (it was just a regular water bottle with the HEB label ripped off) she got me a set of three trendy water bottles you can drink holding upright.  They are very pretty and as soon as I figure out the phone I’ll take a close up picture.


Big Henri did quite well.  I got him the new PittBull CD, a remote controlled helicopter (which already got tangled in the window blind strings,) The Rosetta Stone for Spanish and (extra bonus wife points here) 10 laps in a racecar at the track in San Antonio.  He was pleasantly shocked.


Santa brought the kids bicycles.  We gave little man a basket ball net and Rylee a Brave doll and costume and Aunt Cindy and Uncle Dennis supplied EVERYTHING else.  OMG – it took them hours to unwrap everything!


How was your Christmas?  What was your favorite gift?



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6 responses to “Unwrapping Christmas

  1. Sounds like a great time all around! We got a “smudge”. Aka puppy. Otherwise I’m glad it’s over –
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Santa delivered a blue box from Tiffany’s…score! I must have been a really, really good girl this year. lol. The Fitness Santa however may not agree.

  3. Awesome gifts! That’s cool that you got a new phone. As a tech nerd, I’d recommend reading the manual (I know, who does that?) but it helped me understand my blackberry and makes it easier to stay on top of this crazy tech world! 🙂

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