Declutter. You’ll feel better.

This morning was just off.  My smart phone‘s alarm sounds like dripping water in a rainforest, so that would explain why in my dream I was in a episode of Lost trying to escape the smoke monster and when I woke up it was 6:38 a.m. and couldn’t make it to the gym.  But Henri was a good sport and stayed with the kids so I could get a 45 minute run in before he went to work.

The sun rose over the open field making the sky pink and purple, a gorgeous collection of colors and stark simplicity.  I came home to chaos.

The smoke monster in my dreams doesn’t come close to the paper monster in my house.  Business receipts, lease files, exercise routines from different blogs I follow, HandWriting Without Tears worksheets from Rylee’s school, bills to be paid, pictures the kids drew for me, HEB shopping fliers, Christmas cards, piles and piles of half-read magazines….AHHHH!!!

Goal:  In the next five days I will lose 5 lbs and at least part of that will be in paper weight.

“Cynthia Ewer, the Washington state-based editor of and the author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting Organized Fast-Track,” suggests we use this in-between-holidays week to step back and reflect on our habits and how well they’re working for us at home.

It’s important to remember, says Ewer, that “there are different personality types. “Organized” is what works for you. There are filers — people who love folders. They want the serenity of knowing where things are. Pilers like to keep their eyes on their stuff. Deniers have bags of paperwork shoved into closets. Instead of using a “What-does-it-look-like?” yardstick, it’s a “How-will-it-work?” question. Know yourself, and come up with solutions that reflect who you are, she says.”  (For full CNN article see here)




I used to be a filer.  I even went a step further and color coded everything because, yes, I am that anal.  My husband is a denier.  When he “cleans” out his truck what he really does is throw everything into a grocery bag or box and then hands it to me to figure out.  I’m just saying – he’s lucky he’s cute.  But in all honesty I’ve fallen into his “denier” ways myself.  Sometimes when company is coming unexpectedly I will throw whatever is on the counter in a laundry basket and stick it in the closet.  That’s so not good.

But I have a plan!  I will declutter this week!  I will find my desk!  I will make the closets functional!  I will open the unopened boxes from my move 3 1/2 years ago that are still in my garage!  (Ok, let’s be real – I’m not going to open the garage boxes in the next five days.)  But I will declutter!



Do you have a clutter monster in your home too?  Are you a denier?  


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10 responses to “Declutter. You’ll feel better.

  1. My office is a disaster. My pantry and my closets…well we won’t go there. If you find any good ways to get organized, please share because I need a little (ok, a lot) of help!

    • Good for you! I’m afraid of the kids’ playroom. I’ve been bagging stuff up on the fly to sell at a garage sale, but we never seem to have one, so now I have a garage full of baby toys. Grrrr.

  2. I have a slight love affair with my label maker. Ok..ok…I have every container labeled and the boys know words now because of mommy’s labeling obsession….I highly recommend it!

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