No Consequence Day

Wouldn’t it be lovely if one day of the year was No Consequence Day?  So you would be sitting at McDonald’s eating some fries and your friend would say, “Wait!  Don’t eat that!” and you’d say, it’s all good.  Today’s the 28th – it’s No Consequence Day.”  And then she’d laugh and join you and you’d both eat junk food without a care in the world.  Or, like you go up to your boss and say, “You’re a backstabbing weasly pain in the ass and I hate you.”  And he starts to speed dial HR, but you’re all, “Ha ha!  It’s No Consequence Day!” Wouldn’t that be amazingly fun?  Well, until someone pulled the No Consequence card on you.  Like you come home to discover your daughter purchased a puppy and your son painted said dog green and they both chime in unison, “No Consequence Day, Mom!”  That would suck.


I was fantasizing about this on my 4 a.m. drive to the gym in the cold drizzle.  Unfortunately, I live on planet reality and there are indeed consequences to my holiday cookie indulgences.

Did you know it takes 3500 calories burned to lose one pound?  That means cardio is not the answer.  Clean eating is.  I know this.  It’s just that my taste buds are in open rebellion and I don’t want to look at another green bean ever.  Ever.


Fish and salad

Fish and salad

It was helpful for me to read about Morita Therapy the other day.  His philosophy was that you can’t control your feelings but you can control your behavior.  So in the spirit of controlling my behavior I ate the rest of my Hershey kisses from my stocking (to, you know…get rid of them) and I actually threw away the cookies and apple pie.  It was somewhat liberating.

Then I had a comical internal battle with myself over dinner.  I was going to make an omelet.  I pulled out the bacon, eggs, cheese and everything.  But then I said to myself, “You don’t have to like eating clean, you just have to do it.”  So I made fish and salad and ate that instead.  My taste buds weren’t happy but my psyche was.

How about you?  How do you convince yourself to do the “right” things when your entire body is in revolt?

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4 responses to “No Consequence Day

  1. This post made me laugh 🙂 I deal with the same struggles! I’m definitely guilty of the “might as well eat it to get rid of it” mentality. Yeah, that happened last night! Also, you hit the gym at 4 am? That is impressive! It’s frustrating that we work out so much but still can’t eat whatever we want. Whatever, let’s just start No Consequence Day!

  2. I have to throw things away. Like the dip from the Jewelry party…yup that had to be dumped in the trash because I’ll continue to eat it. I have to re-focus and remind myself that I can’t out work-out my eating. But I can eat clean and see drastic changes in my body. Here’s to a fresh start! My trainer has me doing before pictures again…we’re going to whip this body (and shoulder) back into peak shape!

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