That’s Disgusting, Mommy!

Day 1 - Cooking

Day 1 – Cooking

It’s Day 2 of the New Year – how are you doing on your resolutions?  In typical Lisa fashion I’ve created grand plans with absolutely no prior research.  I find this works best for me.  Oh sure, I could have read a book about how to use Twitter properly, but I find getting kicked off the site on the first day provides a much faster education.

Likewise, getting my kids to hop on board the “clean eating” boat without warning is like asking Leonardo DiCaprio to hop onto Titanic Part II; it can be done but not without a lot of coaxing.

Day 1 – Clean Cooking/Fit Family

It might have been a good idea to, oh I don’t know, go grocery shopping first, but where is the fun in that?  I busted out the frozen peas (kid friendly + healthy, right?) heated up the left over ham (not exactly “clean,” especially if you are Jewish) and made egg noodles (which I’m sure are not clean but I’m setting the bar low.)  After all, just cooking is a huge improvement for me.  And look how pretty the meal turned out!

1st Meal

1st Meal

What's missing

What’s missing?

They loved it!  They ate all the noodles!

OK, my plans were not working, so I pulled the time-honored tradition of making my husband the heavy.  “Eat your protein and peas or you’ll be in BIG TROUBLE with Daddy!”

It sorta worked, in that, “I’m creating future food issues for my kids” sorta way.

Day 2 – Clean Cooking/Fit Family

Today I tried to get the kids to “buy into” the clean eating thing.

“So what do you think is healthy food?” I asked my kids.

“Apples (yes!) and carrots (sweet!) and ice cream (well…) potato chips! (whoa – hold up) and birthday cake!  Yeah!  Lots of birthday cake!  When’s my birthday?”  (This is not going well.  It seemed like such a logical and leading conversation when I read the “buy in” technique from the Gracious Pantry.)

Day 2

Day 2

What's missing?

What’s missing?

Today I cooked lemon-mustard chicken, brown rice and mixed vegetables.

They loved it!  They ate all the rice!

And not to brag about my cooking skills but with such compliments as, “Yucky!” and “That’s disgusting, Mommy.  When can we go back to eating kid food?”  well, that just makes it all worth it, no?

Disgusting Mommy!

Disgusting Mommy!

How about you?  Any of you trying a cooking remodel for the New Year?


P.S. – A big shout out to Cathy and Losing50Laps for giving me reading suggestions and encouragement for the big family food switch. (c) 2013 Lisa Traugott.  All rights reserved.  No portion of this blog, including any text, photographs, and artwork, may be reproduced or copied without written permission.

10 responses to “That’s Disgusting, Mommy!

  1. I’m rather lucky that my kids
    Do not really like carbs. But I also find that they like raw veggies over cooked. And that when I feed them things like burger patties with all the fixings (healthy ones). But missing the bun. Or the fajita insides without the wrapping
    Best of luck

  2. Just cooking every meal is HUGE!!!! I don’t fight with my kids over what they eat, and they are SO PICKY as a result. They won’t even put food they don’t like on the PLATE! Having them see the good food in good proportions on a plate is a great start. Let them see the food every night. The books I’ve read say it takes two weeks before kids get used to a new food. I say (and feel free to disregard as my kids won’t eat anything that is not kid food) put the good food on the plate and let them choose to eat or not eat it. But throw a “Yay for You!” Party (meaning lots of cheers and hugs and hi-5’s) if they taste a pea, or even touch it to their lips. (Not if they spit it back out, See the “Minnie Monster” book about manners) 🙂 Don’t beg, plead or bargain. Just be a good example and talk about how YUMMY it is and how STRONG you feel after you eat it. “See, I’m strong enough to lift you THIS high. How high can yo lift Mommy?”

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