Really? That’s awesome ’cause yay

If you’ve never been to a boot camp or had a hardcore personal trainer, let me tell you the most important rule:  DO NOT QUESTION THE TRAINER.  EVER.  You (and the entire group) will be made to suffer if you feel the need to vocalize a complaint about anything you are being asked commanded to do.

A new woman started booty camp today and she did not know this rule.  Uh oh.

We usually do a bunch of cardio and stretches followed by squat jumps and then two circuits of weight lifting.  After the first circuit Newbie said, “We’re done, right?”  And Mel said, “No, we’re doing it again.”  And Newbie said, “Really?”

A hush fell over the crowd, we averted our eyes and all took two steps away from her.  Panic filled her eyes.

“I mean oh really? that’s awesome ’cause yay.”  I almost had to sit down I was laughing so hard.  Fortunately Mel left us all off the hook because Newbie’s delivery was so deadpan.  Crisis averted.  Yay!

Each week we have to text Mel our schedules and she gives us our workout time slot and meal plan.  Since my first personal training starts on Wednesday I also had to send her my current muscle split, cardio times and diet.  Actually I sent her my diet Daniel gave me before he moved that I was supposed to follow and then beneath it I wrote “ok, here’s what I’ve really been eating…”  I also apologized in advance for lacking willpower and craving junk food.  (It’s best to just get that out of the way so she knows what she’s dealing with.)

After the class she called me over, tilted her head to the side and said a little surprised, “Your email was really funny.”  That made me smile.   She said she’s  going to change everything in my program: food, split, cardio, everything.

Really?  I mean oh really? that’s awesome ’cause yay.

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