Training with Mel

Lots and lots of egg whites

Lots and lots of egg whites

Yesterday was leg day and OMG Mel KILLED me!!!!  You know how I’m an occasional insomniac?  Not after leg day.  After I fed everyone dinner I went to bed (around 6:30 p.m.) and did not wake up until 8 a.m.!  That must be a world record for me.  (Kudos husband Henri for dealing with the munchkins so I could sleep.)

Mel’s a really good trainer too.  Wednesday was my first session and it was with two other women.  They both looked like they were ready to step on stage that day if they wanted to.  Talk about being intimidated!

Mel asked me how my diet was going.  “I thought you were giving it to me today.  You sent it already?”

She sent it Sunday and it got lost in my spam.

“You were expecting your diet on Sunday and didn’t ask about it until Wednesday?”

“Well, I didn’t want to be annoying.”

“Everybody’s annoying.  Just follow up with me if you don’t hear back from me.”

The other women laughed.  They said they hound her hourly when they are expecting a new diet.  That made me feel better.  I didn’t want to start off training having her think I was being overly demanding.

NASM flash cards

NASM flash cards

Wednesday was shoulder/triceps day.  We only used dumbbells and I was using pathetically small ones at that compared to the other two.  Mel’s getting married so it was fun to hear about wedding planning between sets.

After training I started up the diet and while I hate eating egg whites and fish I am happy to report four days later that I no longer look pregnant.  Yay!

Friday ended up being a private session since the other women had schedule changes.  We started with squat assessments so she could check my form.  It was pretty good from a knee standpoint.  (It took me about 10 months working with Daniel before I got them aligned right.)  But I wasn’t squatting low enough to target my glutes, so most of the work I was doing on my own these past two months worked my leg muscles instead of my booty.  Oops.

In other news I’ve been writing up flash cards to study for my NASM certification test and having been reviewing them while doing my morning cardio.

When I feel confident that I know the material I will schedule my test, probably for the beginning of February.  I called NASM to see if they offered any workshops but the earliest one they offered wasn’t until March and it was in Dallas, so I’m just going to have to coax friends and family to let me do practice fitness assessments on them.

How about you?  How’s your weekend going?

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6 responses to “Training with Mel

  1. Hi! Your new diet sounds interesting and I’m curious! Can you please tell me a little more about it? I really enjoy your blogs!! 🙂

    • Hi Heather,
      Right now Mel has me on a detox diet. She doesn’t want me to post it 😦 But then again, this is how she makes her livelihood, so I understand. But I can tell you the proteins are either egg whites or fish. It’s really tough, but effective.

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