Didn’t Your Trainer Teach You Any Manners?



Whether you are a certified gym rat or a Januarian, certain things that people do at the local exercise facility can drive you NUTS!  But fear not!  The Little Book of Gym Etiquette by Lori L. Pines offers solutions for dealing with annoying people at the gym.

It’s a quick read that can be done on the treadmill but remember to remove the book when you’re done lest you break Rule #1:  Don’t be a slob.  She covers six main personality traits to keep in check:

  • A slob
  • A hog
  • A space invader
  • A super-talker
  • A grouch
  • An exhibitionist

My favorite part of the book comes at the end of each chapter that offer suggestion for handling any of the above referenced rule breakers in a) a polite manner, b) a slightly rude manner when you are frustrated and c) what you really wish you could say.

For a list of my own pet peeves (which is also one of the words on the January Blogger Challenge) click here:  Pet Peeves


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