Flu Shots



Have y’all gotten your flu shots yet?  I tried CVS and Costco and they were both sold out.

We’ll try it again on Monday.  Last year the whole family got it and big Henri had to go to the hospital.  That was so not fun.

I’m washing my hands like crazy and making the kids bond with the disinfectant.

Here’s a post with some tips to prevent the flu:  4 Tips to Prevent the Flu.

Stay healthy! 

Lisa ;)

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7 responses to “Flu Shots

  1. I have not gotten one yet. Being pregnant, I am hearing from both sides everyones opinions. But, I am doing my best to stay aware (plus I don’t leave the house too much). My midwife doesn’t promote it, but does say to eat healthy and stick to chicken noodle soup etc for all the flu fighting ingredients. I have never had a flu shot before and am a little weirded out to get one now. I think possibly the peak just hit earlier than before and hopefully season is almost over!

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