It’s Freezing. For Real.

Metroflex, Austin, TX

Metroflex, Austin, TX

It’s 8 a.m. and 32 degrees in Austin, literally freezing.  Yes, I know if you’re in Canada right now you’re looking at your blizzard covered lawn and saying ‘oh boo hoo, wussygirl’ but one of the main reasons why I moved to Austin was for the warm weather!  This freezing stuff was not on the postcard.

Scary heater

Scary heater

Yesterday’s booty camp was brutal because Metroflex has no heat.  For real.  It’s just a giant warehouse.  And yes, that is a section of the roof falling down.   Their version of “heat” is this old gas heater thing that sparks and sputters gray smoke.  We thought it might blow us up so we turned it off.

The first part of the booty camp was running laps around the building into the wind while trying not to slip on the muddy gravel.  Everyone wore hoodies and gloves and tried to find a piece of sunshine to stand in.



We did a hundred billion thousand squats and lunges and tried real hard not to complain too loudly lest Mel make us attach tires to ourselves and start running.

Actually, that’s not true.  I’ve only seen men running with tires while their trainer stands with a stopwatch yelling at them.

Why do I workout here again???  Oh, right, because I’m a crazy female bodybuilder 🙂

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2 responses to “It’s Freezing. For Real.

  1. Actually this canadian enjoyed a weekend in the double digits (11 celsius or 51 farenheit). todays a little cooler but no snow in sight. don’t think there are any gyms here without heat though… probably against a health code during a blizzard!

    • I used to be such a tough Jersey girl. Living in the south has made me soft! That said – tomorrow is back day and it’s like 28 degrees F. I wonder if my tears will freeze on my face? Stay warm!

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