How Do You Know if the Weight is TOO Heavy?



Every five months or so it seems I feel the need to lift too heavy and injure myself.  Don’t do this.  My weakest muscle is apparently my left shoulder because that’s what I keep pulling.   How do you know if the weight is too heavy?

Here’s what I did wrong:


  • Start with the very heaviest weight I was able to lift last time (60 lbs. on the overhead shoulder press machine.)
  • Chitchat with my neighbor so I’m not paying attention to what I’m doing.
  • Feel myself arching my back to get the weight up and ignore that as a sign the weight is too heavy.
  • Continue this process for three sets with 15 reps each.
  • Ouch!  Hello chiropractor.

This is what I should have done to make sure the weight was right:


  • Start with the mid-range weight I was able to lift last time (should have been 45 lbs.)
  • If my form is off and I’m having to compensate to lift, the weight is just too heavy.
  • Reduce weight and see if I can maintain proper form and alignment.  If I can this then it is the correct weight; if not, reduce weight.
  • Good job!  High five with a functional shoulder!

Please learn from my mistakes and don’t go too heavy!!  Have you ever injured yourself?  What were you doing that you wish you had done differently?

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11 responses to “How Do You Know if the Weight is TOO Heavy?

  1. I’ve been waiting for a how-to post on weights. Would you teach about safe lifting for women with any prolapse issues? (Uterine specifically)

  2. These are super important tips! I always hope that I’m lifting the right weight. It seems like I too often lift weights that are too light for me. I guess I will avoid injury this way but I definitely need to step it up!

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