Is it Safe to Drink Egg Whites?

This morning was a real struggle for me to get out of bed and into the gym; but I’m glad I went because now my sugar detox diet just got easier.  Allow me to explain.

My fellow bodybuilder friend asked me how my detox diet was going.  “It tastes like punishment,” I confessed.  “What’s the toughest part?” she asked.  “Egg whites.  Tons and tons and tons of egg whites.”

“The consistency of scrambled egg whites can be pretty gross after awhile.  Have you tried drinking them?”

Images of Rocky drinking a raw egg danced before my eyes and I had a natural gag response.  “Won’t you get salmonella?” I asked.  Images of disgustingness falling from both ends of Rocky appeared before my eyes and thank God she interrupted those mental pictures.

“That’s with raw eggs, but liquid eggs are pasteurized to get rid of all the bacteria, so if you can get past the ickiness of it you’ll get through the meal much faster.  Like, when I’m at work I don’t have time to cook up egg whites for my 10 a.m. meal, so I just drink it.  Get the carton with the picture of the smoothie on it.”

“I’m so happy you’re a weird bodybuilder too!  You can’t really have these conversations with normal people.”

Is it safe to drink egg whites?  That would make the whole process much easier.  I went home and did a little online research.  Google will know.  Google knows everything.  According to

Is it pasteurized?

Is it pasteurized?

You cannot completely or safely digest a raw egg white. You could end up with Salmonella, Also there is an enzyme found in raw egg whites that blocks the uptake of Vitamin B6, which is not optimal. You must cook the egg whites to eliminate the threat of Salmonella and to neutralize the Avidin (enzyme) in order to allow your body to safely digest the protein.

Liquid egg whites, that are low heat pasteurized, cooks the egg whites at 134 degrees. This temperature kills any salmonella and neutralizes the Avidin enzyme without damaging the protein which allows the egg whites to be digested optimally.

Liquid Egg Whites are liquid but not raw

When you cook an egg white to the point of scrambled eggs (over 134 degrees), you begin to destroy the true value of the protein.  Drinking pasteurized egg whites is better than cooking them….but the same is not true for raw eggs.”

Here is the link:  Egg Whites?   So, drinking the egg whites is better than eating them cooked?  If it’s on the internet it must be true!  Wait…let me double check.

Not so! says (in answer to the question if raw eggs are better than cooked eggs.)  They site a study in the Journal of Nutrition stating the protein in cooked eggs are absorbed at 91% rate versus only a 50% absorption rate of the raw stuff.  Here is the article:  Raw vs. Cooked.

But the good news is they confirmed it’s safe to drink pasteurized egg whites (meaning you won’t get salmonella.)  Here’s the link:  Egg Whites?

I checked my egg white carton.  Is it pasteurized?  Check.  Ok.  Here goes nothing.  I am Rocky.

Drink up, Buttercup!

Drink up, Buttercup!

Wait!  Have to get a chaser.  You really can’t drink egg whites without a chaser, right?



OMG, I just drank egg whites.  

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13 responses to “Is it Safe to Drink Egg Whites?

  1. I made a smoothie with pasteurized egg whites….pureed pumpkin (it’s Fall after all), cinnamon, stevia packet, ice water. Not bad and got my post workout protein! 🙂

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