Dark Chocolate and Coffee

Jessica DiBiase is a wife, mother, athlete, personal trainer and entrepreneur.   She is also my sponsor!  We spoke about a variety of topics – this one focuses on being a fit mama.

Lisa:  While I was doing some research I came across your kettlebell workout DVD you made in your third trimester.  Wow!  The only thing I lifted in my third trimester was food to my lips.

Jessica:  Pregnancy is one of the most challenging things to go through.  I need fitness the way plants need sun and I didn’t want to take a nine month vacation.  Exercise is vital and I needed to continue it as much for my emotional health as the physical fitness.  Kettlebells were the perfect workout for me.  I dialed it down a notch, of course, so I was using lighter weights, but it still felt great.

Lisa:  Why are kettlebells a good option for women?

Jessica:  They combine cardio with strength training and it’s fast.  You can get a complete workout done in 45 minutes, which is important if you’re a busy mom and can’t spend a lot of time at the gym.

Lisa: Why are KettleGuards important?

Jessica:  Think of a soccer player and shin guards.  KettleGuards are wrist guards that help protect your forearm against impact.  They’re padded 360 degrees around, and you can add flexible inserts as you increase the weight.  They’re one size fits all and machine washable.

Lisa:  They’re also pretty cute.

Jessica:  That was actually really important to me when we were creating the design.  No woman wants to wear some bulky padded thing on her arm.  We want to look cute, right?  That’s why we went with a slim fit.  An executive friend from BCBG helped us find the right manufacturer for it.

Lisa:  BCBG?  No wonder they look good!  I wear mine when I do my morning cardio kettlebell routine.  I wake up super early to get my workouts while my kids are still sleeping.  You have a son, right?

Jessica:  Yes, Jake.  He’s two.  And you have two children?

Lisa:  Yes; Rylee is five and Henry is three.   Boy do they keep me busy!  You’re a mom, personal trainer, World Champion athlete, and you created KettleGuard.  I know it’s a cliche question, but how do you balance everything?

Jessica:  I drink a lot of coffee and eat dark chocolate.  (We both laugh.)  I am blessed with a super supportive husband and family.  They allow me to focus on my passions.  I left my corporate job so I could find balance.  I wanted to have a hands-on company and I wanted to be a hands-on mom.  Jake comes with me sometimes.  He does squats and push ups and kettlebells too.


Lisa:  That’s awesome.

Jessica:  I want my son to see me be healthy.  I think I’m a better person and a better mom because of that.  But if days are really long and hard…well dark chocolate and coffee…I do a little extra of both.

Thanks, Jessica!

You can order by going to www.kettleguard.com.  The cost is only $24.99 + shipping…unless you follow ShesLosingIt.net!  Then use promo code newyear20 until January 31, 2013 for a 20% discount.


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4 responses to “Dark Chocolate and Coffee

  1. I like this! Thanks for sharing, I will check out her workouts! God knows these last 6 months have been lazy and the further along I get, the more uncomfortable I am…a workout would be great for me. My 15 minutes of adapted TAM isn’t cutting it.

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