Is being called “Fat” worse than “Crazy B****”?

Oprah interviews Lance Armstrong (Getty Images)

Oprah interviews Lance Armstrong (Getty Images)

Oprah had her interview with Lance Armstrong where he confessed to doping/cheating because it was important to him to win at all costs.

PED usage is widespread across a plethora of sports.  I mean, it’s pretty telling when NO ONE was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year.  (Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sousa were all eligible but their PED usage did a shutout on them.)

I wonder if Lance getting stripped of his titles and the baseball players being denied honors is a sign that the “winning at all costs” mentality is becoming outdated and being a “natural” competitor is coming in vogue?  Sports is big business and winning sells tickets, so I’m curious to see how this will impact athletes and their games going forward.

The other part of the interview I found fascinating was when Lance was talking about his former teammate’s wife, Betsy Andreu, who testified against him, by saying essentially, ‘yeah, I called her crazy and a b**** but I never called her fat.’


So…in his mind the very worst thing a person could do would be to call a woman ‘fat’?  Filing slander suits when you know you were cheating all along, doing a complete character assassination against a teammate’s wife for telling the truth, that was totally fine, but he wanted to set the record straight about never calling her fat?

Oh, Lance, really?  Really?

His redeeming factor is that his Livestrong foundation has done much to help people with cancer and promote healthy living.   Let’s hope the fallout of this story is that it promotes ethical living too.

What are your thoughts about this?

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4 responses to “Is being called “Fat” worse than “Crazy B****”?

  1. Funny, I’ve been called both, and being called fat is way worse. I mean it isn’t like I don’t know I’m fat, but to be told by someone I don’t even know, who doesn’t know me or my struggles really hurts for some reason.

  2. I thought Lance’s comment was rather unusual myself. I have NEVER called my wife crazy, a b****, or fat. But then again, I don’t think our couch would be that comfortable anyway. Besides, my wife is sweet and petite!

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