After getting off to such a great mediocre start to my clean cooking adventure I just completely got off track this week.

These are my totally valid reasons excuses for not cooking:

  1. After working all day on financial stuff and having people scream at me the last thing I wanted to do was cook and then clean up the kitchen.
  2. I was way to busy to find the time to a) print out recipes from the internet or b) open the cookbook on the counter.
  3. With such stunning compliments as, “Mommy, that’s disgusting.  When can we eat kid food again?” and “I don’t want to eat healthy.  Let’s have ice cream,” I was battle worn.

I cooked one (1) day out of seven, and it wasn’t even that clean.  I made steak, baked potatoes and corn, which actually they all liked and finished, but it was nothing to really blog about.  The rest of the week was filled with left over clean skillet spaghetti (which counts as clean) and cereal (not so much.)

While not an epic fail (it’s not like we went to McDonald’s) it was nowhere near my best intentions.

The good news is that the kids’ lunches were healthier.  Each day I packed a protein (chicken, ham or hard boiled egg,) carb (whole wheat crackers,) fruit (apple slices, blackberries or orange slices,) and a vegetable (cucumber slices, celery sticks, broccoli or spinach leaves.)  With the exception of the cucumbers I’m happy to report everything was eaten.   Yay!

This week is going to be better.  I went to Clean Eating Magazine and printed off their 2 week meal plan and shopping list.  You can see it here:  Meal Plan, Shopping List.


“Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward. ”
Victor Kiam (

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going so far?  Hopefully better than mine!

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3 responses to “Resolutions?

  1. That doesn’t sound like a fail to me, that sounds like moderate success! I wish my kids lunches were so healthy. I’m going to try hard boiled eggs. Why not eggs for dinner?

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