You Know You’re Hardcore When…

Lisa Traugott - ION Studios

Lisa Traugott – ION Studios

You Know You Are Hardcore When:

1.  You are totally fine with drinking egg whites.

2.  You send your trainer text messages like, So sore I can’t walk today.  Yay! 🙂

3.  You squeal like a little girl when the new issue of Muscle & Fitness shows up in your mailbox.

4.  Morgan’s Deals and LivingSocial keep sending you deals with 68% off supplement discounts.

5.  You’re bummed out when it’s your “off” day on your split.

How about you?  What signs made you realize just how much you loved your sport?

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10 responses to “You Know You’re Hardcore When…

  1. I’m just plain addicted.

    Like this weekend, for instance. My babysitter is out of town, and I’m doing the single parent thing. So – no gym 😦

    I’ve taken my daughter to the pool and the playground and we’ve been for walks. But it isn’t the same.

    Can’t WAIT for my session with my trainer on Monday morning!

    Yep. Addicted 😉

  2. You don’t mind eating your chicken and broccoli cold or your fish and sweet potatoes cold because you have to eat every 2-3 hours and you wouldn’t dare skip a meal even if there is no microwave in sight.

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