Food Quiz: Sugar and Americans

Food Quiz:

How much sugar does the average American adult eat each day?

  • a)   6 teaspoons
  • b) 15 teaspoons
  • c) 22 teaspoons
  • d) 57 teaspoons

If you guessed c – 22 teaspoons, you’d be right, according to the American Heart Association journal Circulation.   And this number is just added sugar, not the sugar found naturally in fruit either.  (Read the article here.)

How much sugar should the average woman limit herself to?  Six (6) teaspoons, which is 100 calories.  (If you are a man you can have nine (9) teaspoons, which is 150 calories, proving yet again that life is unfair.)

Most of the sugar comes from drinks like soda and junk foods.  Save your waistline and your teeth!

5 Sweet Tips to Reduce Sugar Overload:

  1. Try using Stevia in your coffee instead of sugar.

  2. Try cutting out junk food from your diet.  If going cold turkey on the junk food sounds too tough, why not make Monday your cheat day and eat clean the rest of the week?
  3. Read labels.  Sugar can also be found in ingredients like corn syrup and words ending in “ose” like fructose.
  4. Go natural.  Instead of having ice cream for dessert (loaded with fat and sugar) why not try mixed berries in vanilla Greek yogurt?
  5. If you must drink soda (I’m guilty here) try switching to diet soda made with artificial sweeteners.

Stay healthy!

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10 responses to “Food Quiz: Sugar and Americans

  1. Studies have show that artificial sweeteners make you crave more sugars partly because your body isn’t getting the sugar it expects from the sweet taste.

  2. It’s amazing if you don’t look closely how much sugar is added to things. Like you think of a Chobani is super healthy but the flavored stuff has almost 20 grams of sugar in it! I’ve started tracking a lot closer lately and trying to keep it up 30 grams at maximum daily but trying to stay well under that. Sugar is the devil! 🙂

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