Good-bye Fat Jeans!

Good-bye fat jeans!

Good-bye fat jeans!

Some things are easy to give away, like baby toys, crop tops (thank God that trend went away!) and my husband’s stuff.  Yes, those are spring cleaning no-brainers.  It’s a wonderful thing to see my garage floor again.

Moving into my closet…It was thrilling to throw out my size 14 pants (I hated them so much!) and my large fashion-lacking shirts in slimming shades of black.  (You would think since almost 60% of the American population is overweight they would make cuter fat-clothes…but I digress.)

Then I got stuck in my closet.  Here’s the dilemma…size 8 jeans.  Should they stay or should they go?  I can’t tell you how many times I put them in the Goodwill box and then took them out. Yes, I’m fit now, but what happens if I stop bodybuilding?  Do I really want to go wardrobe shopping again?

For me, size 8 is the line of demarcation.  I think everyone has a “magic” number where they know it represents crossing over into the dark side of binge eating and yo-yo diets.  Once I start wearing size 8 it is a slippery slope into sizes 10, 12 and 14.

So I talk myself out of my fears.  Why do you really want to hold on to those jeans?  If you truly are committed to a healthy lifestyle, then you won’t need them.  Holding on to them is like holding onto the past; a past which you didn’t particularly like.  It’s like saying you don’t trust yourself to stick to your goals or like you don’t have the mental strength to say no to your junk food cravings.  It’s time to let go and move on.

And so I did.  Strange, but I felt like I could breath easier with them gone.  Good-bye fat jeans.  Hello healthy me!

Goodbye size 14 jeans!Lisa Traugott - ION Studios

Goodbye size 14 jeans!
Lisa Traugott – ION Studios

Are you holding onto something that maybe you should let go? 

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6 responses to “Good-bye Fat Jeans!

  1. I am just packed up my size 16 and plus sized pants to send to a friend that has lost down from a higher size to the 16 I can even add my 14 corduroys now.I am back into a 12 and shooting for that 8 I will see when I get there if I’m happy! Hoping next fall to have to buy all new pants.

  2. Another amazing picture! Ten or eleven years ago when I turned my life around I had to give Goodwill over a dozen business suits (they had cost me a small fortune). However, I was scared that if I kept them it would make it easier for me to regain the blubber I lost.

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