Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award

This has been my lucky week!  I’ve been nominated for several awards.  Yay!  Thank you Angie’s Food Adventures for the nomination (and for great posts about gluten free eating.)

The Rules:  Post the Sunshine Award image, answer the following 10 questions and note 10 blogs you wish to nominate.

The 10 questions and my answers:

  • Favourite colour: I’m drawn to the color red.  It’s passionate and glamorous.  It’s also fancy, just like spelling “favorite” like “favourite”.
  • Favourite animal: Tigers.  They are powerful and protective.
  • Favourite number: Depends.  I like the number 4 because it’s balanced but if I’m in Vegas I always bet on black 17.
  • Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Diet Coke…I know.  Don’t tell my trainer!
  • Facebook or Twitter: Facebook.  I still don’t understand tweets yet.
  • My passion:  Helping people and places to reach true potential.  When I look at a dilapidated building I see the luxury property waiting to emerge.  I love seeing the brightness in a child’s eyes when they make a connection and learn something for the first time.  I love watching a person transform their life and become healthy.
  • Favourite pattern: ???  I have no idea!  I googled “patterns” and still don’t know.
  • Favourite day of the week: Saturday.  I get to sleep in and enjoy family time.
  • Favourite flower: White calla lily, for its absolute beauty.

And my nominees are…


Hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do!

Lisa (c) 2013 Lisa Traugott.  All rights reserved.  No portion of this blog, including any text, photographs, and artwork, may be reproduced or copied without written permission.

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