Wanna Skydive with Me?

Texas Skydiving Center

Texas Skydiving Center

My birthday is this Saturday.  My mom called and asked, “How old are you going to be?”  “39,” I said glumly.  “Well get used to saying it because that’s the age you’ll tell people you are for the next twelve years.”

Thanks, Mom.

Every year I like to scare myself on my birthday to feel more alive.  Last year’s scary things included starting a blog (you’re reading it now,) shooting a gun (I’m a Democrat, so this really terrified me) and entering a bikini competition, because at size 14 and age 38 is there really a better time to walk on stage in a bikini?

Now that I’m turning 39, I thought the best thing to do would be to jump out of a plane.  Well, technically it’s tandem skydiving because I don’t feel qualified to pull the string on the parachute.  The cost is $150 and that includes a video.  If three additional people sign mine becomes free, which means I’d just share the savings with you, so we’d each only have to pay $112.50.  Pretty cool, huh?

So…wanna skydive with me?  It’s a great way to cross another thing off your bucket list.  Here’s the link and hope you can join me!



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