January Goals – How Did I Do?

Rylee and Henry cooking

Rylee and Henry cooking

Normally I make monthly goals and then check in at the end of the month to see how I did, but since January is New Year’s I made my annual resolutions instead.  They were:

  1. Cook “clean eating” meals for my family.
  2. Come in 5th Place in a Figure Competition.  Because miracles can happen.
  3. Use up all the moisturizer in my house.  Because dry skin can happen too.
  4. Do a Spartan Run so my friend Alexis stops calling me a wussygirl.
  5. Do a Zombie Run ’cause…Zombies….right?

It’s not quite fair to check in on their status yet, as I still have 11 months to go, but he’s a mini update:

  1. Clean Cooking – The main thing I focused on – cooking clean dinners for my family – was a resounding successful mediocre experience.  My kids are neither big fans of a) clean cooking nor b) my cooking, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.  I did not cook as often as I hoped to either, but plan to address that with my February goals.  On the plus side the kids are now drinking water every day, their lunches are healthier and they discovered that broccoli tastes semi-ok.  And the pizza was well received.  Small victories, right?
  2. Ouch!


    Figure Competition – My trainer, Mel, wants me to skip the Texas Shredder in April because I’m not ready for it and instead compete in the Adela in June.  This month I’ve been following my sugar detox diet mostly, but I’ve been slipping up too.  I also hurt my left shoulder/trap again because I was lifting too heavy while chitchatting.  Oops.  Setbacks aside, I’ve been doing weight training twice a week, booty camp on Sundays, and have been doing a beginners pole dancing class just for fun this past week.  While not completely in the zone yet, I’m beginning to get my groove back.

  3. Moisturize – Mini-Success!  I got through 1 1/2 bottles of the stuff.  (I am a moisturizer hoarder and have like 500 bottles of the stuff.)
  4. Do a Spartan Run – I have to schedule this after the competition so I don’t twist my ankle climbing through the mud two weeks before the show.  That would be bad.
  5. Do a Zombie Run – They seem to be held in the fall so I have some time on this one.

How about you?  Have you stuck to your New Year’s Resolutions thus far?  Or your monthly goals?


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