DSST: Can I Have a Cheater’s Weekend?

TextingAsking your trainer for permission to go off your diet is like asking your dad for the keys to the car.  You pretty much know the answer is going to be no but you have to ask it anyway.

I’ve wanted to ask Mel for a cheater’s weekend since I started the sugar detox diet, but even I’m not dumb enough to ask without a semi-valid reason.  I’ve been trying to gather up the courage to ask her in person, but I’m really kinda chicken, so I did it via text after our training session on Wednesday.

Lisa:  Request…this weekend is my 39th birthday, so can I have a cheaters weekend?  I promise to eat clean before and after.

No response.  Uh oh.  It’s probably not a good idea to ask your trainer for an entire weekend of eating crap when she is six weeks out from her own competition doing 2 hours of cardio a day and eating nothing but egg whites and asparagus spears.

I flashback to some of my various food requests to my first trainer, Daniel.   Here are exercps from previous episodes of DSST (Dumb S*** I Said to My Trainer) conversations:




But Mel is different from Daniel.  She talked about “balance” over the holidays.  My birthday is a holiday for me, no?  And it falls on an actual holiday too – Groundhog’s Day.  And it’s the same weekend as the Super Bowl, a national holiday of sorts, right?  I mean it’s just one weekend and my competition is like six months away!

Mel:  Happy bday!  Yay!  You can have a cheat bday meal, not an entire weekend.

Lisa:  Darn-I knew you’d say that!  Had to ask though 🙂

Mel:  Well you can have meal and a dessert and wine!  But an entire weekend of that could do some real damage 😦  and I don’t want you hating yourself for it AFTER your bday 😉

I saw her today for leg day.  Two of my teammates were there and Mel was teasing me about my request.  “Full cheater’s weekend, huh?  Nice try.”



She tells me what she says to all new clients, “You have to switch your thinking.  Food is for fuel not enjoyment.  If you can’t demonstrate the mental strenghth to do exactly as I tell you you’re going to have a tough time competing.”

Uh oh.  Note to self:  Do not ask Mel for another cheat meal.  Ever.  Also, glad I didn’t tell her about the cheat meals I already ate.  Pretty sure I’d be in big trouble.

“But enjoy your meal, dessert and wine.  Besides, you’re a lightweight and any more than one drink you’d probably fall over,” she smiles.  True.

Oh well.  At least I get wine tomorrow!  Yay!  Now I have to figure out if I eat my meal before or after I jump out of the plane for the skydiving.  Decisions, decisions.


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