Trainer Hazing

When I mention to people that I’m training for a bodybuilding competition, one of the first questions they ask is, “Is your diet as weird as I hear it is?”  The short answer is “Yes.”  Oh sure, it’s mostly chicken and vegetables but every three weeks or so your trainer will throw in a totally random food product you have to hunt down.  It’s kinda like going through hazing.  You’re trainer wants to see just how dedicated you really are to following the meal plan.

Yesterday’s quest was for Cream of Rice.

Cream of Rice

Cream of Rice

Not Cream of Wheat.  No, that would be too simple.  You can find Cream of Wheat in any old grocery store and where’s the fun in that?  It had to be Cream of Rice.

Two HEBs, Walmart and a Mexican grocery store later I had to call uncle.  “Mel, I can’t find this thing.  Please, please tell me which store you went to!”  She told me, I bought 8 boxes so I never have to go through that again, and today everyone in the group laughed about it.

“She sent you for Cream of Rice, huh?” smirked Amy.  Mel laughed, “Yeah, I guess I should have told you it would be hard to find.”

I knew it was trainer hazing! 🙂

Do you ever have to hunt down odd things for your sport?

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16 responses to “Trainer Hazing

  1. Ha! So where did you find it? I had to order xylitol brown sugar (to make clean cupcakes) off of Amazon because I couldn’t find it at any store.

  2. My mom used to make cream of rice for us for breakfast, she would cook it on coconut milk, add cinnamon a bit of ginger, and brown sugar, it was great!

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