Clean Eating Update

Heavy Lifter How did your week go?  I’m happy to report my clean eating project and bodybuilding meal plan was on track this week.  Except for the trail mix fiasco.  I’ll get to that in a minute.

First, I am happy to report that I did what I said I would:  I cooked my bodybuilding food for the week, cut out the soda and coffee creamer, and stuck to my meal plan all week.    Yay!scaleThat meant my Monday was filled with weighing chicken breasts before and after cooking them, measuring out green beans and brown rice and loading everything into Tupperware.

Measure everything

Measure everything

The difference it made in my world was amazing.  There was no need to cheat and snack; all I had to do was heat something up.  The stress of cooking six meals a day, washing everything after and then making different food for my family was eliminated by planning ahead.  It meant I also had ready made sides (veggies and carbs) for my family.

Cooking for the week

Cooking for the week

My refrigerator looked pretty funny, but it works for me.

Meals for the Week

Meals for the Week

Eliminating the Diet Coke from my life was really tough for me.  I’m not going to lie and say it was easy.  I stopped using creamer and instead put vanilla extract in my coffee with some Stevia.  I miss my creamer.  I marked up a gallon container for my water and put it on the counter so I could track it all day.  That’s a lot of water to drink!  I drank at least 64 oz. each day.  Not perfect, but I can’t spend my life in the bathroom either…

Drink water!

Drink water!  A gallon a day keeps the soda away!

This week I cooked every single night for my family.  We had salmon, chicken, steak, chicken and oatmeal pancakes.  One night we had a contest to see who could finish their spinach first and both kids were excited.  I didn’t think this was even possible, given the very rough start we had last month.  OK…here’s the fiasco part.

Homemade trail mix.  It seemed like such a good idea.  I totally followed the recipe too, except I used honey instead of maple syrup and added almonds, craisins and a packet of M&M’s into the mix, ’cause those are standard trail mix ingredients, right?  And why would I follow the expert advice of a cookbook when I could go rogue and do my own thing?

Trail mix fiasco

Trail mix fiasco

It looked so pretty.  It smelled so good.  Then my kids tasted it from the oven.  Rylee took a timid bite.  “Milk!  Milk!  I need milk!  Get this taste out of my mouth!  Mommy, please don’t make us eat your food ever again!”  “Yucky Mommy food!” said my son, Henry.

“It can’t be that bad!” I said taking a bite.  It was a hot steaming pile of awful.  It was kinda burnt and the wax paper stuck to the back and I guess I learned that there are two things I have to stick to:  meal plans and recipes.  Lesson learned….perhaps 😉

How was your week?  Did you stick to your goals or try any new recipes?

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19 responses to “Clean Eating Update

  1. Hmmm, like the water gallon idea. I am making my meals for this week now. However, you kitchen looks better! HA HA

    To stop the diet coke (soda) issue, I made myself do 10 push-ups for each can I drank…….kinda like boot camp.

    • Well, hopefully the real estate brothers will fix your kitchen 😉
      Diet Coke boot camp? BRILLIANT! If I put my kids in charge of making me do push ups I’ll really be committed to stop.

  2. Once I finally felt better and could eat more than plain crackers, my week went fine. No new recipes were tried, but Steph (she’s the cook in the house) made roasted sweet potatoes tonight, and they were delish.

  3. You know what crazy trick worked for me when trying to eliminate energy drinks and soda? When I got a crazy I popped a mint. It always made the craving go away. I’m not sure if it was because how fresh my mouth felt or if because the thought of how a Mt. Dew would taste with mint in my mouth sounded disgusting or what, but either way it worked! Something that will be in part 3 of my willpower series. 🙂

  4. YAY! Love meal prep. Haven’t taken a picture of my fridge this week but it looks rather the same as yours. I gave up coffee more than 2 years ago, it was’nt the coffee I enjoyed it was the yummy cream from Tim Horton’s (a cheaper Canadian version of Starbucks). I also do not ever buy pop anymore. I used to be addicted to Diet Coke, but as long as I have my water bottle around and no pop in the house I’m good without. Plus my older kid has ADHD and red food coloring is not good, and if its in the house, he drinks it and then its hyper city. Good for you to sticking to your guns!

      • Preservatives are all bad we know. But something about red and it’s awful! Plus even though he knows its bad and he’s not supposed to, he does have ADHD and he’s impulsive.

        omega 3 helps to control it… We actually reduced his medication by giving him omega 3 supplements.

  5. Awesome job! I wasn’t able to stick to mine we were at the inlaws all week I did keep up with my 8 8 oz cups of water. I tried to stay as lowcarb as possible. Maybe ill do better this week you inspire me.

    • My father-in-law was with us for 10 days at the end of January, which is why I cheated as much as I did. I’m fine subjecting my kids to my clean eating experiments, but not my in-laws 😉
      Good for you for drinking your water! When you say low-carb what do you mean? Are you following a specific diet? Carbs are good for you if you choose things like: brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes and old fashioned oatmeal. Just keep the portion sizes at a good amount (about 1/2 cup serving). Good luck this week!

  6. Its so hard to comment on your blog post these days as I grow, but I know that it is all healthy. As for the last week, I have stuck to a ton of fruit and big breakfasts. I am not so hungry at night and have done my best to stop eating if I am full (i sleep better that way too), but I have been so super dehydrated!

    • Growing a baby is tough work for your body! You are a very healthy person and the baby needs all those nutrients. You are probably getting dehydrated because 1) you live in a hot climate, 2) you are probably peeing all the time (ah-motherhood!) and 3) you’re growing a beautiful boy. Drink up! 🙂

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