3 Romantic Ways to Burn Off the Valentine’s Chocolate



My first memory of Valentine’s Day was when I was five.  My father came home from working in New York City with two heart boxes of candy – a giant red one for my mother and a little pink box for me.  It made me feel special and loved, and chocolate is always tasty.

Now that I’m an adult and training for a bodybuilding competition, chocolate is, of course, not on my meal plan.  But the thing that made the heart important to me wasn’t the chocolates inside, it was that my dad thought of me.

Here are some ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without candy or going out to a swanky restaurant eating decadent food with cream sauces and billions of calories.   Whether you like it sweet or spicy, these gifts are way better than food!

3 Romantic Ways to Burn Calories on Valentine’s Day

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    Massage.  Are your muscles tired and sore from work and workouts?  Get some scented oils and enjoy soothing each other.  Not only does it feel fabulous, but it will increase the blood flow throughout your muscles and release toxins that were built up.  Just remember to drink water after to flush those toxins away!  Calories burned:  80 per hour if you are giving the massage.  If you are receiving the massage, who cares about calories, you’re getting a massage!

  • Romantic Dancing.  Dirty dancing at home or shutting the DJ down at a club is a great way to connect with your mate and exercise too.  It helps get oxygen to all your cells and gives you a boost of energy.  Calories burned:  108 per half hour.

  • Making Love.  It releases endorphins and can be quite a wonderful workout.  144 calories burned per half hour.  That’s way better than the treadmill.  Just sayin’…

For more calorie burning ideas, check out this article in Women’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Lisa ;)

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