Vodka & Pickles

Jessica DiBiase is a wife, mother, World Champion athlete, and entrepreneur.   We spoke about a variety of topics – this one focuses on why kettlebells are a great workout for women.

Lisa:  Thanks so much for talking with me today.

Jessica:  My pleasure.  Congratulations on losing the weight and getting in shape.

Lisa:   Thanks!  And congratulations on winning the IUKL World Champion in the 16kg Snatch.  You know, I never even heard of kettlebells until I started going to the gym last year.  They kind of looked scary to me.

Jessica:  They kind of look like a bowling bowl with a handle, don’t they?  (We both laugh.)  It’s funny; when I started getting into kettlebells it seemed like the only people who used them were Eastern European men who ate pickles and drank vodka, but a group of us thought this would be a great workout for women, so we started a team and started winning gold medals.

Lisa:  Why are kettlebells a good option for women?

Jessica:  They combine cardio with strength training and it’s fast.  I can get a complete workout done in 45 minutes.  Also, they make your muscles long and lean and not bulky.

Lisa:  So I understand the strength part, because the kettlebell is a weight, but why is it also considered cardio?

Jessica:  You’re never putting the bell down between lifts, like you would dumbbells, so it increases your heart rate and becomes an aerobic exercise too.

Lisa:  Where do you see the future of the sport?

Jessica:  I think we’re only scratching the surface of where it can go.  I have clients from 13 – 75 years old and all ages in between.  It’s a versatile workout because it’s high intensity and low impact, which means joint problems won’t prevent you from doing it.

Lisa:  But your forearms can get a little sore, right?icechamber-4892

Jessica:  Exactly.  If you’re a soccer player you have shin guards but if you’re a kettlebell lifter there was nothing on the market to help.   That’s why I created KettleGuard.   They protect your forearm against impact.  They’re padded and you can add flexible inserts as you increase the weight.  They’re one size fits all and machine washable.

Lisa:  And they come in handy if you’re looking for a cute Eastern European man who eats pickles and drinks vodka 😉

I’ll post up a kettlebell workout shortly so you can try it out next time you’re at the gym.

You can order KettleGuard by going to  The cost is only $24.99 + shipping…unless you follow!  Then use promo code newyear20 for a 20% discount.


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  1. Thanks so much Lisa for the great post! I am sending the link to
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