Interesting article about music videos and self esteem. Two fitness models and two psychologists were interviewed for their take on it.

[ Skinny Fat. ] Skye

nelly hot in herre

Do music videos promote low self-esteem?

4 health and fitness industry experts have their say.

This morning as I huffed and puffed up invisible stairs, I stumbled across a news channel where a female presenter was complaining she felt “fatter” at the gym.

“I avoid the gym during the holidays,” she explains, “Watching those music video clips during my work-outs…those impossibly flawless people make me feel fat.”

Personally, I find the constant parade of slim beautiful bodies motivating as I’m trying to obtain their physique for a competition, however I do see the flip side where some women may feel pressured by the imagery to look a certain way or be a certain age.

Interested to get the perspective from individuals who live and breath body image and physical beauty, I asked 2 award winning female fitness models and  2 mental health psychologists for their opinion on this complex…

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  1. Awww shucks, thanks so much for the reblog- I had heaps of fun writing up this post and it helped me reset my own self-image too. Carry on confidently, compassionately and gracefully, Skyxx

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